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Lolё activewear is designed to be elegant and dedicated to peace and well-being. Their philosophy is simple: to give meaning to all they do and everything they create. With this in mind, Lolё products are created with designer details and sophisticated fabrics for style and versatility.

We love Lolё because they balance style with comfort. We are proud to support this Canadian brand! Every Lolё product features their signature combination of femininity and technical finesse, suitable for any occasion. Lolё is a truly chic line celebrating the spirit of yoga!

Lolё Activewear are now available at our online store!

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Yoga Ambassador, Julie Leblanc

Meet our Brand Ambassador, Julie Leblanc!

Julie Leblanc - Onzie & Affirmats Lover

Julie is a personal and small group trainer. As a Zumba, PiYo and Yoga teacher, Julie lives life by the motto “love what you do, and do what you love.” Julie’s yoga journey began in 2011 when she met her mentor after a turning point in her life; she’s now leading a life of physical and mental connection with yoga.

Julie really loves Affirmats and Onzie leggings – and it’s easy to see why. In the picture above, Julie is wearing a pair of Solar System Onzie capri pants while practicing yoga on top of an I Am Free Affirmats yoga mat. She looks great and comfortable while being inspired by yoga!

Onzie leggings and Affirmats exude personality; they’re unique and stylish, and also full of love. Affirmats are biodegradable and ergonomically friendly, crafted with small affirmations that help you celebrate small victories and stay thankful throughout the day. You can find Affirmats and Onzie leggings in our online store.

Julie practices yoga in the beautiful Magdalen Islands in Quebec, a small paradise in the St. Lawrence Gulf. Her advice is to “learn to breathe your life; focus on the goals you want to achieve.” Well said, Julie! Keep Moving.


Yoga Clothing and Empowerment

When you’re shopping for cute yoga pants, you’re not just looking for a fashion statement. You’re looking for authenticity and comfort, something that you’ll love to wear while doing what you love. Much like the foundation of Yoga itself, your yoga clothing should represent you, and not just what others think of you.

Yoga is about empowerment. Lots of research shows that yoga has a positive, impactful effect on your health. More than that, yoga can affect your quality of life by helping you relax, find happiness, and create structure in your daily routine.

Here are some of the ways that yoga can benefit your life:

Control over your body

You may already be familiar with some of yoga’s physical benefits. Yoga fixes your posture, and makes you more flexible. Due to regular exercise, your heart becomes healthier. Your sense of balance is enhanced. But did you know that yoga also helps you sleep? Yoga provides stimulation without taxing your nervous system. Guided relaxation helps you ease away your daily stress, keeping your mind clear. Keeping those stresses at bay will naturally help you relax and sleep more comfortably!

Less fatigue. Less stress. More control. Physically and mentally.

Control over your mind

Yoga helps you relax, and relaxation helps you sleep. But the benefits of relaxation are not limited to physical effects. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a term coined by psychologists to describe the effects of “mindfulness” and how that can be used to reduce stress, ward off mental fatigue, and improve mental health overall.

Guided relaxation leads to mindfulness-based stress reduction. Relaxation wards off mental fatigue, making you more prepared to take on your daily tasks.

Control over your life

Keeping to a yoga schedule has more benefits than merely practicing yoga. Just sticking to your schedule already provides benefits in the form of daily structure. When your day seems chaotic and full of uncompleted tasks, it may seem counterproductive to add an additional task (yoga) to your plate. But it isn’t! By keeping to a schedule of daily yoga, you have invested time in the day to focus on yourself. Your yoga practice becomes a habit, and this habit will anchor the rest of your day in place. Yoga keeps you focused. Keep yoga in mind, and let life flow naturally.

Humans are social creatures, and yoga provides the mantra to improve relationships. Regular yoga practice develops compassion and friendliness, teaching yogis to avoid harm and tell the truth. These are all components of a healthy relationship!

Though yoga provides many physical and mental benefits, the biggest benefit of yoga is the ability to boost your happiness. Yoga helps you feel good about yourself, which boosts your self-esteem. This acceptance gives you authentic strength, helping you find solace amongst daily disturbances.

Yoga is an investment in yourself, because you deserve the best. We stock clothing brands such as Onzie and Hard Tail Forever because they’re authentic, and authenticity is right for you. We know that yoga is important to you, so we provide clothing that excels in both form and function.

Look good, feel good. Keep moving. Namaste.

Introducing Judy Swens, Brand Ambassador

We’re excited to announce and welcome our first Brand Ambassador, Judy Swens.

Yoga clothing canada

“The love of movement, as a figure skater, lead to the love of yoga. A need for more peace, through life challenges, lead to a deeper practice. The healing of yoga instils a burning desire to share yoga.”






Among many other things, Judy Swens is an accomplished yoga teacher based out of Vancouver and the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Judy believes yoga allows you to live in the moment and let go, creating a free mind, body, and heart. Yoga is for everybody and all levels are welcome. Alignment is emphasized with creating an awareness of breath. Lila, or play is an essential ingredient to allow each person to shine brightly. Whether through a new pose, a sutra, poem, or a joke; Judy wishes that you leave the mat with a different perspective.

A life long student of yoga, Judy took her first 200 hour teacher training with Dan Clement (owner of Open Source Yoga). She further studied a Vinyasa intensive with Tina James (owner of Whistler Jivamukti) and mentored with Janet Corvino (manager of NeoWhistler, and owner of Soul City Yoga). Through attending Wanderlust Whistler, Judy is influenced by teachers Siva Rea, Giselle Mari, Seane Corn, and Rod Stryker.

Judy is a co-creator of Prakriti Yoga Retreat and the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival. If you wish to practice with her at home, she is also part of theNamaste TV season 3 and 4 series.  As an ambassador for, Judy is involved with our spreading yoga and expanding our community and contributes guest blog posts.

For more from Judy, please visit: 

We welcome Judy aboard with open arms, and are ecstatic to be working with her!



The Prakriti Yoga Retreat, from Judy Swens and Nicole Fowler

Prakriti = Nature

Prakriti is Sanskrit for nature, and is defined as any unconscious matter. When we look at a maple tree in the fall with the leaves changing colours we know this is nature unfolding as the seasons change. But how are humans equal yet different from nature?

Indeed Nature is a confusing thing to define. Mackinnon, author of The Once And Future World: Nature as it Was, as it Is, as it Could Be makes a great point about this very question. He states:

“The question of whether humans are a part of nature or stand apart from it has probably been debated since the day of the first campfire. In one sense, the answer is obvious enough: whether you believe human beings are the result of a lengthy process of evolution or a sudden act of divine grace, there is no question that we are flesh-and-blood animals, carbon-based life forms spun from the same celestial dust as the rest of creation. At the same time, we have always sought to define ourselves as separate from all other species, whether through our capacity for self-awareness and rational thought or the presumed existence of the human soul.”

Now consider the Sanskrit word Purusa, which means consciousness or spirit. It is Purusa which is infused within Prakriti that gives Nature its animated spirit. As emobodied beings, humans need to understand Prakriti to fully gain awareness of the ‘self’. Prakriti constitutes the three Gunas as listed below:

  1. Tamas – passivity, inertia, heaviness, and dullness of existence. This is the cause of hunger, thirst, grief, fear, and confusion.
  2. Rajas – activity, excitement, and passion. The results are lust, greed, and all desires – good and bad.
  3. Sattva – wholesomeness, harmony, lucidity, and beauty. The result peace and goodness.

These Gunas are considered to be what affects the combination of electrons, protons, and neutrons (all matter) forming our universe. These are also not limited to our bodies or the ecosystem of planet Earth — they include our thoughts, our personalities, experiences, as well as any desires and manifestations.

The Prakriti Yoga Retreat was created out of the belief that everything is connected and when we yogis connect with our mind, body, and soul in a natural setting, we gain more clarity. This allows for a more clear vision of who we are and what we truly desire to accomplish. Nicole Fowler and I wish to use Yoga as a platform to begin generating an awareness of Prakriti. We will be offering daily morning meditation, and up to three yoga classes in the styles of hatha, vinyasa, and yin. There will be time to reflect and enjoy the pristine beach out front of the eco-friendly Pranamar Villas. This area known as the Nicoya Peninsula was chosen as it offers the perfect oasis for an amazing adventure into Nature itself.

For a limited time enjoy 10% off the retreat price starting at $1200.00 USD. This includes yoga, all meals, accommodation, and taxes. Note, airfare is separate. All details are online at


Keep moving, be… connected.

Yoga clothing canada Brand Ambassador Judy Swens is an accomplished yoga teacher based out of Vancouver and the beautiful Sunshine Coast. She is a co-creator of Prakriti Yoga Retreat and the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival and you can also find Judy on theNamaste TV series, season 3 and 4. Judy believes in the power of yoga to allow us to live in the moment, and transform our perspective.


Power Drinks for Before and After Class

We recently covered some yoga snack ideas for sustenance before a morning yoga class, and we also wanted to touch on some homemade beverages that can take the place of a heavy breakfast, or help replenish you after your workout.

Here are two simple and nutritious drinks you can make in a blender if you’re looking for something quick after (or even before) your next yoga class.

The Yoga Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to consume raw nutrients in a flash, and are perfect for when you get home from a class and need a quick way to properly nourish yourself and start your day. There are a thousand variations on the perfect smoothie, but we like this one from Elkhart Yoga:

Yoga Blog Canada
The Creamy Green Smoothie

In a blender, mix:

  • 1 stalk of celery
  • A handful of any leafy green vegetables
  • Half of an avocado
  • Half of a banana
  • A quarter cup raw cashews
  • A Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1 cup coconut water

The great thing about this smoothie is that you can customize it based on your taste and what’s available (hence the lack of consensus on what makes the perfect smoothie). We think it’s a good thing though. No cashews? Use almonds. Nut allergy? Forget about the nuts all together and double the dose of Avacado. The general combination of nutrients present in a smoothie like this is impressive in itself — especially considering you can blend one up in the time it takes you to read this article, and be on your way to digesting it and absorbing all of those great nutrients just a few minutes later.

Bulletproof Coffee

What exactly is bulletproof coffee? Great question, and you may have already heard of it. This one comes from a (largely) paleo trend of adding two tablespoons of butter and a bit of MCT oil to your morning coffee. Sound crazy? What about all of the saturated fat? Well, there are brilliant instructors that swear by this beverage every morning, and for good reason. While we wouldn’t recommend replacing every breakfast with bulletproof coffee, the concotion has it’s benefits (below). But first, the recipe:

Yoga blog Canada
“Bulletproof” Coffee

Also in a blender, mix:

  • 2 cups (500ml) of hot coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter
  • 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil

Now, the benefits. The main draw to enriching your morning cup of coffee with butter and oil is the benefit of added energy and the fact that this a serious appetite suppressant. Yogis who swear by this beverage say it gives them a huge boost of energy, and keeps them feeling nourished for hours after class. It also has the creamy consistency of what may be normally considered a “dessert drink”, so for many, it’s as delicious as the smoothie.

In the end it’s really up to whatever works for you. Just keep moving!

Keep moving, be… powerful.


5 Alternative and Unusual Forms of Yoga

Looking to try something new? Far from traditional Yoga’s ancient roots and mainstream modern adaptations, many alternative forms of yoga have become established in recent years. Here are some of the interesting types of yoga you can find across North America today:

Ariel Yoga

Also called Anti-Gravity Yoga, Ariel Yoga is one of the most widely-practiced forms mentioned here and involves traditional yoga poses combined with Pilates and gymnastics, all while being suspended above the ground through the use of different hammocks. Classes are usually small to ensure each participant has sufficient space to swing and move, and also adequate support from the instructor. In what can look like a Cirque-du-soleil performance, Ariel Yoga allows blood to flow in new ways and removes some resistance found when practising on the ground, allowing more advanced poses to be performed with relative ease.

Dog Yoga (Doga)

Doga is a form of yoga that, as the name suggests, is practiced by owners along-side their dogs. While sounding strange at first, it’s important to understand that the idea behind this style of yoga is less to have canines perform yoga, and more to help increase the connection between the pet and the owner. Classes move through traditional poses, with each dog owner working with their dog to move their bodies, stretching and massaging them, and even occasionally using fido as yoga props in some poses. Fans of this form of yoga say it strengthens bonds with their dogs, and improves their health as well.

Yoga Raves

Taking elements from various party scenes and electronic music gatherings, Yoga Raves focus on stimulus from music and lights in a club-like environment. Classes often take place in the morning, with non-alcoholic beverages being served. Pupils often start in slow stretches with more instruction and quickly evolve into a more freestyle dance party. The growing trend of Yoga Raves has been described as a healthy alternative to clubbing, and a high-energy way to start the day.

Karaoke Yoga

Focused on a lighter approach yoga, and often self-described as “wacky” or “silly”, Karaoke Yoga, as it sounds, involves singing as a group while performing yoga poses. Originating from Los Angles, Karaoke Yoga is said to connect groups in new ways through singing. Classes pride themselves on not taking the activity too seriously, and although the music can vary, most commonly, sweaty renditions of Top-40 and classic pop songs are performed.

Stiletto Yoga

Based on the beneif that in order to support you, your feet should be one of the strongest and most flexible parts of your body, Yamuna Zake’s New York-based Stilleto Yoga class may represent one of the most recent new and trending forms of yoga. As the name suggests, poses are primarily focused on building strength and flexibility through the feet, the practice claiming to improve balance and make walking in high-heeled shoes easy. Although somewhat controversial, advocates claim the benefits are worthwhile, and that other forms of exercise are less focused on the health and flexibility of your feet.

Are these forms of yoga legitimate, or are they just trendy fads? Do ‘real’ yogis practice? These alternative methods very clearly aren’t for everyone and most are even promoted as being very niche, but the principles and ideals of Yoga are often represented regardless. Many of these classes introduce those who may not practice traditionally, which we always think is great as well. Every form of yoga can bring us together and offer a unique sense of community — depending on the instructor and the students on a individual level, there may be just as much to gain from practising well outside of the traditional, and outside of our immediate comfort zone as well.

Keep moving, Be versatile

Become a YogaHive brand ambassador and help spread yoga in your community!


Good day, fellow yogis!

Wow! What an exciting ride it’s been for YogaHive so far! From our initial vision of a place to share our love for authenticity and movement to launching our online store this May! We are extremely grateful for our lovely little community that is growing every day, and we are proud to partner with our amazing vendors to offer some of the best yoga products for your practice and lifestyle. We take special pride in each of the brands we sell – all of our vendors are carefully selected because of what they stand for. All of them have a strong mission to accomplish – ethical business practices, mindful being.

We’re now reaching out to you, our community, because we want to spread our love for yoga across Canada and get more people involved with the practice than ever before! Bold, right!?

We know precisely what yoga offers to a human being’s spirit, and we feel infinitely grateful to be a part of this culture, and to be able to offer inspiration for you to keep moving. With that, we’re proud (and stoked!) to announce our new YogaHive Brand Ambassador Program as our way to accomplish those ambitious goals together.

At this time this program is open to yoga teachers, so if you teach yoga in regularly scheduled classes, we’d love to get to know you and partner with you to grow both your presence as a yoga teacher and the YogaHive brand’s mission of inspiring joyful, and purposeful movement.

(Not only we want to spread the love for yoga, but we also want to support YOU on your journey of becoming the best teacher you can be for your students. As part of this program, we will help you to get the word out about your teaching schedule, and we’ll help you with your personal marketing, spreading the word about your teachings. Yoga teachers make it look so easy – but we know that it’s not, and we know we will be speaking for many yoga students, saying how grateful we are for your dedication to the practice.)

If you’re not a yoga teacher (yet), but are active in the community and feel that our brand’s values resonate with yours, and you could be a storyteller for the YogaHive brand, we encourage you to get in touch — we’re seeking ambassadors of all kinds to help spread the message.

To help you get started, we’re offering all qualifying ambassadors regular promo codes for free apparel and accessories from, as well as features on our website and social media (and plenty of other opportunities to get involved in our community). In return we ask for your help in spreading the word about with your students and followers through social media and word of mouth. Check out the full details of our ambassador program and apply as soon as possible! We’ll be contacting our first group of ambassadors shortly to kick off the program.  

Tweet this:
Tweet: Spread yoga love. Become @YogaHiveCanada ambassador.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep moving. Be the movement. 


Summer Pop Up Yoga in Your City

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it teaches us to always be at peace with our environment. Taking this mentality further, what better way to continually achieve harmony with the space you practice in than to take yoga into new environments? It’s becoming easier and easier to do just that, thanks to the growing trend of outdoor Pop Up Yoga classes across Canada!

Along with the standup paddle yoga classes we wrote about last week, more instructors are taking their pupils to beaches, as well as parks and other public outdoor spaces, for pop up classes. We love the spontaneity of this trend, as well as the ability to enjoy yoga in new, yet sometimes familiar places.

Most popular types of yoga are available in this format, including Hatha and Flow. Many classes are by donation or free, so there are no excuses to miss out!

In our beautiful home of Vancouver, some outdoor classes are offered downtown near the Art Gallery and financial district — concrete spaces that are far from traditional yoga studios. We love the idea of practicing with our fellow yogis here because it’s a refreshing change and a new challenge. Some teachers offer a great combination of asanas and yoga philosophy – so you can learn more about your practice, and learn new tools for your daily “yoga off the mat.”

As you may expect, there is an increased potential for distractions in public spaces, so beginner outdoor yogis will need to remember to keep a strong focus on each asana they perform, regardless of the increased visual and auditory stimuli. Which is, truly, the goal of your yoga practice – to be able to stay in-tune with your inner state, while ignoring the external noise. 

As always, instructors recommend bringing plenty of water and a towel as these may not be available nearby. Gotta stay hydrated, for extra grounding. Particularly for outdoor classes on hard or potentially uneven surfaces, it’s important to practice on a great yoga mat — we love The Black Series from Manduka for its dense construction which ensues comfort wherever you use it.

From major centres like Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto coast to coast and many places in-between, finding a yoga class in your city has never been easier. Check with your local studio for instructors offering pop up this month. Take advantage of the rest of the summer – explore, and get playful in your practice.

Do you know of a great outdoor yoga class in your neighbourhood? Please share with our growing community below, in the comments area!




SUP Yoga? Now’s the time to dive in!

You may have already heard about stand up paddleboard yoga, a yoga trend that’s been gaining popularity in the last two years — you may even have included it in your practice already. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to dive in (metaphorically speaking of course, after all, the goal is to avoid falling in the water).

Much like the name suggests, stand up paddle (SUP) yoga is a yoga practice that takes place primarily on the water, on paddleboards. With everything we love about outdoor yoga, combined with the calming energy of a lake or the ocean, this trend is clearly here to stay.

Here’s what you need to know to get started on the water:

Most classes begin on the beach, where an instructor takes the class through some initial poses, after which pupils head straight for the water. Everyone has a chance to warm up and get balanced on the paddle board, after which traditional yoga poses are performed, just as they would be in the studio, all within the constraints of the board.

Typical SUP yoga poses include mountain pose, chair pose, downward dog, plank pose, and of course finishing with an epic savasana as you float silently with your classmates. Advanced yogis may perform inversions and handstands. This style of yoga allows you to enjoy not only the meditation and movement through poses at your own level, but also the peaceful energy of water and invigoration of fresh air — half of the classic elements of life.

Standard yoga clothing is also good for yoga on paddleboards, but ideally you’ll want yoga pants that can take being soaked without sacrificing performance (just in case that inversion turns into immersion). Our current most favourite choice for SUP yoga is Onzie leggings – super lightweight, breathable and fun!

SUP Yoga is truly an inspiring way to take in everything we love about summer, and with classes available across Canada, it’s the perfect way to challenge yourself and bring your yoga practice into a whole new environment.

How was your first SUP Yoga class? Let us know on our Twitter page or tag us on Instagram!

Paddle on yogis!


Yoga Selfies – Yay or Nay

We all have seen them. And we all have an opinion about them… Yoga selfies… Yay or nay?

What do you think? Are yoga selfies inspiring or are they just another way to stroke someone’s ego?

I, personally, find them incredibly inspiring. To be completely honest, this is how I start my day.. On Instagram, checking out “yoga selfies.” Some of them are incredibly educational too. Getting some tips on alignment has never been easier.

As they say, every situation we are in – or every yoga selfie we see out there, for that matter 🙂 – is a little spiritual lesson for us. Noticing how we feel about them, can tell us a lot about our spiritual journey. If we feel like someone is just “showing off,” then it’s a good opportunity to ask ourselves – does this make me feel like they are showing off? Why do I feel this way.

The most amazing thing about yoga is that there’s no right or wrong. We are all on our own journey here. And if your journey includes yoga selfies, that’s awesome. Do share your selfies on our Facebook Page. Especially if you get any of our yoga gear – would love to pass the inspiration on. Namaste.

Keep moving. Be… {adventurous}