Just like a busy bee, we humans tend to run around with so many things on our to-do list. But unlike the busy bee, we often forget why we are so freakin’ busy all the time. The problem with that is not that we are busy (busy is good!) but the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with it. As a result it prevents us from living the life we meant to live.

We created YogaHive to bring back the unity that is found in Yoga and the meaning that is found in a Hive. By staying connected to the movement of our body, and the mindful way of living (including shopping!) we hope you will come back to our site monthly for resources on how to live a sweeter life. (We do not promise that you will be less busy though. And that is a good thing.)

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All of our suppliers have a strong mission to accomplish. Each brand we carry has a meaningful purpose and a story behind it. We believe that ethically-run businesses make a huge difference in our communities. We are here to work together to make small and sustainable changes around us. By purchasing the products from our site, you become a part of this mission.

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Are you an enthusiastic human who is always seeking and searching the ways of living a sweeter life? Contribute to our resources in the form of blog posts or videos – share your expertise with those who are on a similar path.


Above all, we hope our website will inspire you to keep moving. Whether it’s a 5 minute strength or a 1 hour run – keep moving every day! Listen to your body, nourish your soul, feed your mind.